My 2015 moose hunt was with Mattice Lake Outfitters. The base camp is near Armstrong Station Ontario, and they have fly-in out post camps throughout the region north of Armstrong. Mattice Lake is about three hours north of Thunder Bay Ontario.





Dates: September 20 – 29, 2015

 Weapon: Rifle

 Style of Hunt: Boat to an area and call mornings and evenings

 Success: Bull moose on the 8th day of the hunt


I booked the moose hunt with Mattice because I was hunting solo, and they had a camp with a care taker that could help me if I had an emergency. Most other outfitters would not take a solo hunter because of safety concerns.  The outfitter flew me to their camp on an island on the Ogoki Reservoir, where I met Ted the care taker. 

 The moose hunting started out slow. September 20th was the opening day of the 2015 moose season, and about a week or so before the rut started. The weather was hot and windy for the first few days. There were six other hunters in camp and nobody was seeing any moose. I believe the weather drove them into the thick spruce to stay cool.

Toward the end of the trip, the activity picked up. On the morning of the seventh day, one of the other hunters killed a big bull. The bull was rutting hard. I was at camp when they brought it in, and I was amazed at the size of that bull! The evening of the next day I scored by killing a 2-year-old bull. On the last day, one other hunter killed another nice bull. 

An advantage we had was the 10-day hunt Mattice offered. We heard other six day camps were going home empty handed. I was able to get my moose because the weather began cooling off on the seventh day, and the moose started moving.

 After the kill, the work started. I prepared myself to quarter and retrieve a moose on my own. I was in good physical condition, I did my homework and packed the right gear. But until you have a dead moose at your feet (and in the water), it’s hard to imagine the work packing out a moose is.  Luckily, I had help. Ted and another hunter came out to help me get the animal back to camp. With the help of two men, it still took six hours from the time I killed it, to the time it was skinned, quartered and hung. A word of advice: when people help you, like these guys helped me, be generous with your appreciation, buy the beer and tip your outfitter and guides.

 Mattice Lake Outfitters is a first class operation. Mattice flies De Havilland Beavers and an Otter to camps throughout the region. The camp at Ogoki Reservoir is a fishing camp they kept open for moose season. The cabins were very comfortable and clean. The care taker had basic supplies for sale such as soda, beer, bottled water, etc. 

 The camp has the following amenities:

               Bunks with foam mattresses


               Electricity from a generator on the island

               Running hot and cold water from the lake (not potable without boiling)

               Full kitchen with an electric refrigerator and gas stove

               Hot shower

               Private dock and boat with 15hp motor       

Hunting and fishing license are purchased at the base camp upon arrival. Each hunter brings their own food and cooks and cleans up for themselves. I hear the fishing is good, but didn’t start fishing until I shot my moose. I fished the last day and caught one walleye before leaving for home.

I had a good time at the Mattice camp and would go back again.

If you would like to join me on a hunting or fishing trip, drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know. I'd like to hear from you.