I went back to Northumbrian Resort for my 2018 spring bear hunt. This year I took my friend and neighbor Bob with me. We both scored early in the week on a couple nice bears. Bob shot his first color phase with his crossbow and my bear is the largest I ever shot. The skull of my bear will make the Pope & Young record book after the 60 day drying period.


Kraig's 2018 Bear                            Bob's 2018 Bear


Our hunt was during the week of Memorial Day and the bears were moving. The baits were getting hit at all times of the day. We had our choice of eight bait sites. Four bait sites close to town and four about 50 miles north on the Vermillion River Road. We chose to hunt on the Vermillion River Road. After hanging cameras and seeing what we had to work with, we found we had four bears that should make the Pope & Young record book and a color phase bear. Bob decided to hunt the color phase, and I went after a big one.

After Bob & I filled our tags, we went looking at other resorts in the area to see what others had to offer. We found that many of the resorts are full service, which means they do all the baiting, they take you to your stand, they find the bear after you shoot it, than gut it and some even process the meat for you. So all the client has to do is pull the trigger and drink beer as somebody else does the work. And of coarse, you pay for those service. I don't consider that hunting.

The reason I like Northumbrian Resort, is because they let me do my own thing. Greg at Northumbrian gets the baits started a few weeks before I get there, but after I arrive I take over. I bring bait with me and use my own once I get there. I hang cameras, decide which bait to hunt, I hang my own stands and come and go as I please. After the kill, I do my own field dressing, but Greg helped me recover my bears because they are hard to drag. I feel that I need to do the work, to make it a real hunting experience.