Armstrong Station is a small town about three hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I hunted bears in 2015 near Armstrong Station with Bear Creek Outfitters. Mattice Lake Outfitters is just south of the town, where I flew out of for my 2015 moose hunt.

The drive north on 527 between Thunder Bay and Armstrong was refreshing. Almost the entire drive had no sign of humans. It was three hours of wilderness with no houses, gas stations and very few intersecting roads. The road is a well-kept two lane paved highway, so it is a comfortable drive. 

Armstrong Station is remote and like taking a step back in time. The town appeals to me because there isn’t any modern commercialization. You will not find fast food, chain hotels or convenience stores, but they have what people need. There is a small town gas station (with diesel), grocery store and motel. There is a school, restaurant/bar/bakery and a very modern police station. The town is a rail town servicing the east /west rail line. Other industries in the area are tourism and logging.