Crossing international borders with weapons, food and gear is one of the most misunderstood parts of a trip. Here is some helpful information for traveling to Canada. 

 Some Things to Know: 

  • People with past legal problems, may have to get special clearance from the Canadian government before entering the country. 
  • Passports are required for boarder crossing. I carry a passport card which fits in my wallet. Passport cards are only acceptable for driving across the boarder. The book type passport is required for flying.
  • Both the US and Canada require paperwork to transport firearms across the border. There are limitations on the quantity and type of fire arms that can be brought across the border.
  • From time to time there are restriction on food carried across the border.
  • Returning with your trophy and meat requires export permits and possibly CITIES certificate.
  •  Certain items must be declared and duties may be owed on some items.

 Helpful links for traveling to Canada.

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Form RCMP 5589 / CAFC 909:

  Border Crossing Wait Times:

 US Air Travel Regulations: